Resources for Pro Bono Jobs

This compendium is provided as a resource to pro bono attorneys seeking pro bono jobs, the latest pro bono policy developments, or membership in a professional legal aid organization.

Voluntary Pro Bono Service – Colorado Rule of Professional Conduct 6.1 with comment

Second Season of Service: Rule 223, Pro Bono/Emeritus Attorney

Pro Bono Legal Clinics

More Resources

Steps for e-filing a pro bono case

• Indigency Standards: CJD 98-01 Eligibility Requirements
• Certification of Indigency: JDF 203
• Filing without payment of filing fees: JDF 205

Ethical Considerations When Providing Unbundled Legal Services and Limited Scope Representation under Rule 121 (you must be logged in as a current cba member to view these articles)

Signing of Pleadings: Colorado Rule of Civil Procedure 11

• Civil Note of Limited Appearance with Consent of Pro Se Party: JDF 630
• Consent to Limited Appearance by an Attorney: JDF 631
• Civil Note of Completion of Limited Appearance: JDF 632
• Domestic Note of Limited Appearance with Consent of Pro Se Party: JDF 1334
• Domestic Consent to Limited Appearance by an Attorney: JDF 1335
• Domestic Note of Completion of Limited Appearance: JDF 1336
• Conflict of Interest in Nonprofit and Court-annexed Programs, CRCP 6.5

The Appellate Pro Bono Program of the Colorado Bar Association is a pilot program that provides pro bono attorneys to represent indigentpro se litigants in civil cases pending before the Colorado Court of Appeals and the Colorado Supreme Court.

• Appelate Pro Bono Program information
• Appelate Pro Bono Program attorney sign-up form
• Appellate Pro Bono Program public information, application form, and Affidavit of Financial Need
• Appelate Pro Bono Program Motion for Extension of Time

CRCP 260.8

The rule allows a lawyer to be awarded a maximum of nine units of general continuing legal education credit, for each three-year compliance period, for providing pro bono legal representation to an indigent or near indigent client or clients in a civil legal matter, or for mentoring another lawyer or law student who is providing such representation

Application for CLE credit for pro bono representation or mentoring

Sample Pro Bono Policy: These policies are sample policies that may be used as a guide or modified to fit the needs of a law firm.

Model Pro Bono Policy for Small Law Firms

Model Pro Bono Policy for Large Firms

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