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Connect With Lawyers Seeking Pro Bono Jobs

Succession to Service is your one-stop-shop for volunteer lawyers.

Manage Volunteer Lawyer Pools

Grow and manage your volunteer lawyer pipelines.

Recruit Pro Bono Lawyers to Your Projects

Post your pro bono jobs and recruit lawyers to work with your organizations.

Reduce Your Marketing Budget

With free access to Colorado’s largest pool of pro bono lawyers, Succession to Service is your one-stop-shop for volunteer lawyers seeking to be engaged.

A Win-Win For Your Organization

Your organization gets the lawyers it needs and our lawyers get the pro bono jobs they want. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Is Your Nonprofit Eligible for Succession to Service?

To be eligible to post pro bono jobs and recruit volunteer lawyers, a nonprofit legal services provider, court program, and other public interest organization must demonstrate that it:

  1. Has primarily a charitable, community-based or access to justice purpose;
  2. Has 501c3 or 501c4 tax exempt status, has a 501c3 fiscal sponsor, or is a government
    agency or court program; and
  3. Has the ability to cover volunteer lawyers under the organization’s malpractice insurance policy. *

*If your organization does not provide malpractice insurance coverage and you wish to participate in Succession To Service, please contact us directly to discuss participation opportunities. 

Next Steps…

Apply to post your organization’s pro bono jobs and browse volunteer lawyers seeking jobs.

Succession to Service does NOT provide legal services to individuals seeking pro bono legal services. If you are an individual seeking pro bono legal services, please click HERE.