About Us

Our Approach

Across the profession, courts and bar associations are seeking ways to engage senior lawyers with the job to do pro bono work.  Recognizing the need to address the changing legal profession and striving to create innovative and meaningful jobs to improve access to justice, the Succession to Service Program seeks to catalyze Colorado’s senior lawyers and judges to provide service to nonprofit organizations, courts, and other public service entities.

Succession to Service is about relationships. We are a program that brings good lawyers and good causes together. We believe that the health of our community can be measured by the relationships formed between volunteer lawyers and the nonprofits they serve. Our aim is to build a program that overcomes barriers that may keep volunteer lawyers and nonprofits from finding each other, working together, and developing strong relationships.

Succession to Service is about cooperation. We are a network that is only as strong as the partnerships that support it. None of us can build a community alone. We take partnerships seriously and seek to work with nonprofit, court, and bar association leaders committed to building stronger relationships with their constituents around pro bono service.


Our Goals

The goal of the Succession to Service Program is to establish a structured, statewide program for Colorado’s experienced lawyers and judges to partner with nonprofit organizations, courts, and other public interest entities to influence the continuing need for equal access to justice.

Colorado lawyers and judges are matched with nonprofit organizations, legal services programs, and the courts to provide essential legal assistance to underserved populations. Using their specialized skills and experience to do engaging pro bono work, participating lawyers become active members of the legal community and help Colorado’s courts and legal community expand and enhance the pro bono legal services they offer.

The primary goal of the program is to create a comprehensive pipeline of lawyers seeking pro bono and other volunteer jobs with Colorado’s legal service providers and programs. The program will develop effective recruiting, matching, retention, and recognition methods to meaningfully engage and connect lawyers and the providers they wish to serve.

Meet the Management Committee

 The Colorado Succession to Service Program is a collaborative project between the Colorado Bar Association (CBA), Denver Bar Association (DBA), Colorado Attorney Mentoring Program (CAMP), Metro Volunteer Lawyers (MVL), and the Colorado Access to Justice Commission.


Representatives from these organizations, in addition to various at-large individuals, comprise the “Succession to Service Management Committee” which oversees program management, program assessment, program modification, and sustainability practices.